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In the next world over, I want to be able to feel my left elbow, I want to be able to taste the rind of a lemon and be in my bones so that my lover knows where to find me. On the days where the grief, loss, and subjugation keep me tied to this earthly realm I think about that feeling of embodiment and whether the price for entry for that golden tomorrow requires this type of longing.

In this year that has changed my DNA, I think back on my younger self who was full of passion, who…

As the trial continues, there are still many unanswered questions

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The legacy of the Atlanta Police Department’s lack of care for missing young Black people has a long history that is best highlighted in the current HBO series Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered. While Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and Police Chief Erika Shields are attempting to rectify these haunting mistakes 40 years later with new investigations, those failures are ever present.

One recent case that called attention to the systemic failures of multiple institutions — and their propensity for finger-pointing — is that of Alexis Crawford.

A senior at Clark Atlanta University, Alexis “Lex” Crawford, 21, was a criminal justice major…

When you think of a New York rapper, Young M.A. fits the mold. A young rapper from Brooklyn who rises to fame by way of amazing freestyles, a storied past and genuine fan support that then catches the eye of record labels as he/she prepare to release their debut album.

Like many other new york rappers trying to push back on the constant chatter of “Is New York Rap dead?” Young M.A. simply wants to put out good music while finding ways to break the mainstream in the most authentic way possible. Young M.A. accomplished radio success in 2016 with…

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A story of gentrification in Atlanta

Keisha Lance Bottoms and the latest Atlanta city council administration are in for a fight against Peoplestown residents over land in proximity to the latest GSU Turner Field purchase.

Bertha Darden and fellow Peoplestown residents have been putting up a 2 year battle against Keisha Lance Bottoms and the city of Atlanta to keep their homes. Darden, local Housing Justice League organizers and residents such as Max Murphy are fighting an eminent domain lawsuit against the city to keep their homes as plans to gentrify the Turner Field area grow.

The history of Atlanta…

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Most of my memories of music and finding new genres of music at a young age all began on a school bus, in a shared seat. A friend or boy I liked shared an earbud with me and I was sucked into a world of music unknown to me. In this case, it was Emilia Ruiz, one of my closest friends in middle school who introduced me to Rebelde, pozole and a love alternative rock music that clings to me. I found the soundtrack of my childhood with a innocence and fervor that I still hold dearly.

Paramore, the 2004…

Clarissa Brooks

a freedomways movement journalist fellow. writer. community organizer. A lover of all the complicated bits of this world. https://clarissambrooks.contently.com/

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